Bachelor of Science in Quantity Surveying Engineering

Objectives :  Quantity Surveyors operate in all sectors of the business environment and primarily focus on financial management of construction projects. This QS qualification curriculum is designed to cover a whole range of skills and knowledge that modern quantity surveyors require to perform their work efficiently and effectively. The Bachelor of Science Degree in Quantity Surveying aims to equip student with specialised skills and techniques which enable them to provide independent, objective, accurate and reliable capital and operating cost assessment for investment funding, project administration and control. The programme is designed to enable students to have skills of quantity surveying in commercial management of construction, quantification & costing of construction works, procurement & tendering, construction technology.  Career Objectives :  Graduate of this programme are expected to gain employment in the public sector, consulting quantity surveying firms, construction companies and other players in the construction industry as well as self-employment. They can work in areas of:
  • Building and engineering
  • Construction cost modeling
  • Quantity surveying
  • Project management
  • Property development