Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering, being the broadest among the core engineering disciplines, offers the students a wide range of career choices and opportunities. Its strong and broad technical foundation provides opportunities in engineering practice, management positions, research and graduate studies.The program is designed to offer students a solid foundation in mechanical engineering fundamentals in addition to knowledge in a wide range of topics such as energy systems, air conditioning, hydraulic machines, design of machinery and system controls among other areas. The program is unique in its hands-on and co-operative training, which prepares the students to graduate directly into their jobs as engineers, and enhances their network with the industry, which reflects positively on their future job opportunities.

The broad base and co-operative experience of the program cultivates the learning, thinking and problem-solving abilities needed to adapt, to develop and to exercise responsible leadership through times of rapid change. The department offers Bachelor of Science Degrees in Mechanical Engineering, and an undergraduate option in Energy and the Environment. 

The major provides students with a broad academic base complemented by hands-on laboratory activities and professional cooperative education experience.  You will devote the first two years to the study of mathematics, physics, chemistry, liberal arts, and engineering sciences, while the third and fourth years emphasize engineering science, design, and systems.

You can then choose to specialize in Energy and Environment, by choosing the appropriate technical electives courses, or complete the program without an option and take a range of technical electives.