Bachelor of Science in Journalism

Our undergraduate program is leading the way in preparing multimedia journalists who can help shape and navigate a dynamic media landscape. The NU-Q curriculum ensures that journalism and strategic communication students become skilled not only in writing, reporting, editing, production, and critical thinking, but also in using multiple platforms (print, online, and broadcast) so that they can create compelling, high-impact journalism and strategic communication for interactive audiences.

Today's fast-paced world of convergent media requires journalists who are critical thinkers and masterful storytellers. The Bachelor of Science in Communication with Journalism Certificate can help prepare students to reach diverse audiences across any modern medium. Students will learn how to fuse traditional and new media to ethically report the news while gaining insights into the fundamentals of journalism. Core communication classes include theories and practice, intercultural communication and media and society.

Become part of how companies and people shape and share information—sooner. When you choose the certificate option, you take career-focused courses earlier and earn a Journalism Certificate as you work toward your bachelor's degree. You'll learn to think more critically and tell a more effective story—whether you're reporting in traditional mass media or writing up-to-the-minute news for online channels.