Bachelor of Science in History

Graduates with a Bachelor of Science in History possess strong critical thinking, writing, and communication skills that prepare them for a wide variety of career options.  Our degree program is designed to place students in graduate programs and careers in areas such as historical research, education, government, law, museum curating, and library sciences.  Alumni from our program have been placed in positions in these fields throughout the country.

The History Department Faculty represents a wide array of research and methodological backgrounds. Thanks to our small class sizes, students are able to work closely with faculty both in the classroom and on individual research projects. All history students conduct original research, which utilizes analysis of primary and secondary sources.

The study of history will help you better understand events in the news and will foster your understanding and enjoyment of our interconnected, globalized world. Coursework in our bachelor’s in history involves training in the use of historical sources as a way to develop skills in critical analysis, and a spirit of inquiry and open-mindedness. More than knowing our past, a historical approach to problem-solving modern-day events is appreciated in: teaching, law, journalism, politics, ministry, civil or diplomatic services or business.