Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies

Bachelor of Environmental Studies programme (BES) is designed to produce the next generation of environmental professionals who can contribute to the solutions for complex, modern environmental issues such as climate change, land conversion, habitat and species conservation, water usage, alternative energy and the building of liveable high-density cities.

Designed for top students with a passion for the environment.

The Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES) programme combines science disciplines from a diverse range of areas whilst helping to nurture students’ passion for the environment and conservation. The range of knowledge and transferable skills acquired during the programme enriches postgraduate studies and enhances student’s employability. These allow our students with an aptitude and passion for environmental issues to translate their enthusiasm into meaningful action.


  • BES fosters an interdisciplinary method of identifying, analyzing and solving environmental challenges.
  • BES strives to develop environmental leaders: agents of change who are passionate about the environment, scientifically informed on the issues, and creative in generating solutions and opportunities.
  • BES promotes the personal development of environmental ethics that, while recognizing tradition, culture and heritage, are fundamentally based on science.