Bachelor of Science in Counselling

Help people move forward in their lives.

Do friends bring you their problems, because you’ll listen without judgment? Ever wish you could help people find direction in their lives? Your concern for others can be a stepping stone to a career in counseling.

Our program teaches you the basics of psychology—the study of how humans think, act, and feel. You’ll learn about human development and become familiar with practical ways of helping people resolve problems.

Internships will give you the opportunity to work in places such as schools, homeless shelters, and community mental health centers. Engage your activism and approach counseling from a social justice framework. You’ll be mentored at each step by our expert faculty, and become confident in a range of professional settings.

Choose an optional specialization in expressive arts therapy (using your talents in visual art, drama, dance, music, or writing) or holistic psychology (exploring the connections between mind, spirit, and body). Our counseling program prepares you to begin a career in human services or to continue on to our graduate programs in counseling psychology or mental health counseling.