Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering

Program Objectives

The objectives of our Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering (BSConE) program is to graduate students who are in demand by employers and graduate programs and who lead fulfilling professional careers through their abilities to:

  • apply foundational knowledge of mathematics, science, humanities, and social sciences in the professional practice of  construction engineering
  • synthesize technical knowledge of engineering analysis and design to identify, formulate, and solve construction engineering problems
  • demonstrate the professional practice skills needed to be successful in construction engineering
Technical Outcomes
  1. Analyze and solve problems in engineering mechanics and materials
  2. Select and conduct engineering experiments, and analyze and evaluate the resulting data
  3. Apply relevant knowledge, techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools to identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems, including problems in – project controls, construction methods, materials, and safety
  4. Explain the impact of historical and contemporary issues on engineering practice
  5. Develop solutions to well-defined project management problems
  6. Design a system or process in more than one area within the discipline to meet desired needs, including sustainability, and within other realistic constraints such as: environmental, economic, social, political, ethical, health and safety, and constructability
  7. Explain key aspects of at least one traditional or emerging area of area of advanced specialization within the discipline.