Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering


This degree focuses on the design, planning, construction, and evaluation of the infrastructure around you, including everything from roads to buildings. The program prepares students for future employment and/or licensure as engineers, innovators, and decision-makers who can apply their knowledge in areas of Structural, Transportation, Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering.

Designed With You in Mind

Preparing you for your future is our number one priority. You will engage in hands-on application of a wide range of engineering, math, and science concepts to work toward innovative, real-world solutions. Our facilities and research equipment are comparable to large research institutions, providing you with access to industry standard tools and undergraduate research opportunities. Our faculty and institution are dedicated to student success. We provide a variety of academic success service including faculty/peer monitoring, supplemental instruction, math/science clinics, and tutoring.  

Impact the World of Tomorrow

In today's world of rapid change, innovations and advancements in Civil Engineering are continuously needed to make civilians' quality of life safer, more enjoyable, and more productive. A degree in Civil Engineering will open the doors to an exciting career in a variety of both public and private industries or consulting firms dealing with areas such as: 

  • Highway design and safety, 
  • Structural design and geographical systems, 
  • Graduate programs in Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering,