Master of Political Science


The program provides training in political science research methods and equips students with in-depth knowledge on contemporary political affairs. Students can choose from a wide selection of topics covering terrorism and counter-terrorism, human rights, interest group advocacy or Islam and democracy. The program will be of interest to those intending to pursue research-oriented careers in government, international organisations, NGOs and private bodies, and to those intending further study in the field. Internationally recognized, this Master degree also paves the way to pursuing a PhD overseas.

The Master’s programme in Political Science is characterized by the following:

  • Our staff is active in international networks, conferences and international collaborations, and also publishes in prominent international scientific journals.
  • A substantial number of our staff is from outside the Netherlands.
  • All courses are taught in English.
  • The diversity of courses in the Master’s programme in Political Sciences is a result of recent academic research on current social problems and conflicts.