Master of Network and Communications Management


Network and communications management studies explore the methods of managing complex communication systems. In this article, you can explore the typical classes in a master's degree for network and communications management, as well as the many different IT positions that await you after graduation. 

A network and communications management master's degree program can provide you with the required skills to work with various business technologies and applications. These can include computers, phones, fax machines and other technology/communications devices. A network and communications management master's degree can help you gain the necessary knowledge needed in today's business world to upgrade, maintain and manage computer networks in a wide range of industries. This degree can also provide you with the advanced training and skills needed to work in an IT department.

Once you are enrolled in a network and communications master's degree program, you will take a wide variety of courses that will help you hone your skills in telecommunications, information systems and communications management. This degree program will teach you how to successfully manage networks and applications for businesses and individuals. Earning this degree can help you remain on top of emerging technologies in software, computers and other applications that are constantly evolving today. Potential courses that you can take may include:

  • Introduction to product management
  • Business information networks
  • Wireless systems security
  • Marketing management
  • Information security management
  • Network computing
  • Wireless network computing