Master of Liberal Arts


Master of Liberal Arts is a programme that provides students with the competences necessary on a rapidly evolving labor market: critical thinking, communication skills, teamwork, interpersonal competences, and above all, intellectual independence as well as the ability to learn and quickly adjust to the new tasks and challenges.

During this programme, you will have a chance to create your own study path.

Applied Gender Studies here you will learn how to explore the creative processes behind the social construction of gender as well as engage in creation. This programme is meant to enhance your English language skills and use them as a tool and not to study language as such.

Media and Visual Culture is a specialization that will allow students to deepen their knowledge of media and culture, better understand their role in the modern society, and gain necessary tools to actively and consciously participate in its creation.

Entrepreneurship and Organizations a specialization from the field of sociology of entrepreneurship and communication in the organisations. The programme not only acquaints the students with a range of theoretical issues but, more importantly, aims to increase the students’ communicative abilities. Critical thinking, communication and interpersonal skills, and most of all intellectual independence are highly valued among potential employers, and so we will help you develop them too.