Master of Economics

The Master of Economics provides you with the training and knowledge for a wide range of careers and focuses on advanced coursework in economics and data analysis – critical skills in today’s workforce. Designed to be relevant to new graduates as well as professionals seeking further training in economics for career progression or a career change, the Master of Economics encourages you to apply your training in practical ways to address major challenges in business and policy. The Master of Economics at Sydney is the preferred professional development qualification for many employers. With a combination of industry-relevant training and academic rigor, the course is a benchmark for postgraduate economics training.We offer evening classes to accommodate part-time students and professionals. Graduates of the Master of Economics will have detailed knowledge of the most recent research in the disciplines of economics and econometric and will have developed the skills needed to make their own contributions to that research. Graduates will leave as critical thinkers in microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometric. They will develop expertise in:
  • Fundamental principals influencing markets and managing organisations
  • Evaluating the impact of a variety of cultural and environmental factors on economic policy and business decisions
  • Interpreting and critically evaluating articles in economics research literature