Master of Computer Science


The purpose of Master of Computer Science programme is to provide advanced training and knowledge in the field of Computer Science. Our program offers a profound and in-depth education in several core areas of computer science. The program guides each individual student in taking a meaningful path through the variety of course offers and designing a profile that matches both personal inclinations and prospective career opportunities. 

Subjects taught include algorithmic and data structures, programming languages, data science and machine learning, HCI (human-computer interaction), image analysis and computer vision, as well as software development. By choosing certain selective courses forming a study track, you can prepare yourself for your favorite career path. Job possibilities in Denmark for computer science graduates are very good.

This programme combines theory and hands-on practice to provide students with a well-rounded education. The program is designed to encourage both fundamental research in computing and interdisciplinary research. Research projects in diverse areas offer students a wide range of opportunities to gain experience. Significant computational facilities, networks, and other resources are available to support student research