Master of Applied Finance


On the back of the global financial crisis, finance skills have never been more in demand. Being able to navigate through the complex world of markets, banks and regulatory frameworks is highly desirable in today's economy.

This course is recognized as the banking and finance industry's premier graduate degree. With the skills you'll gain from this course, including the ability to help organisations create value, invest wisely and manage risk, you'll find yourself with an enviable skill set that will allow you to further your career in the global financial environment.

This program is for experienced professionals, whether currently in the finance industry or in other professions seeking to transition to the finance sector, such as engineers, lawyers, or IT specialists.

The Master of Applied Finance is a practical course designed both for graduates already working in the finance sector, as well as those with a non-finance background who wish to move into the finance area.

Master of Applied Finance will equip you to excel in the financial marketplace. This program is for you if you are, or are intending to become, a specialist in finance, or a professional offering advice in this area. As a student you will be challenged to solve a variety of financial problems and will develop a keen analytical mind which will prove invaluable in the fast changing world of finance.